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Can Transgenderism Survive Regrets in Court?

A few years ago, I wondered if the transgender movement would hit its iceberg in courts. It’s really not hard to imagine that the therapies and surgeries now being recommended to minors will be regretted in adulthood, and that the malpractice suits could result in eight- or maybe nine-figure judgments.

Well, now there is an interesting judgment to await in the United Kingdom. My acquaintance Mary Harrington, of UnHerd, alerted me to it. It won’t involve the kind of eye-popping figures you get in the United States where insurance companies pay the bills. But Kiera Bell was given puberty blockers at age 16 and had a double-mastectomy at age 20. Her lawsuit challenges the “affirmation” model that’s been recommended to doctors and psychologists. Her case is that she should have been challenged, and pushed to be comfortable in her own body; as there was nothing wrong with it.


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