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Can We Get This Fella Working For The Catholic Bishops?

An e-mail:

I suspect the American Catholic bishops are reluctant to deny kerry communion because they anticipate a public relations disaster that is counterproductive and devisive. I suspect that the kerry campaign is eagerly waiting for someone to deny him Communion. I agree completely with the feeling that he should be denied communion as he certainly is not “in communion” with the church on such a public moral issue; however I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that the bishops’ reluctance may be justified. However, Kerry’s position cannot be ignored. It has to be addressed. My modest proposal is twofold. There should be a nationwide public prayer campaign asking God to enlighten the hearts and minds of Catholic politicians to accept the church’s teaching not only in their private lives but also their public ones. I recall such a campaign praying for peace during the korean War. Secondly, whenever Kerry or some other pro-abortion Catholic politician attends Mass, the priest should automatically give a sermon outlining the Church’s clear teaching on abortion and receiving Communion. It should be clear to the politician and to the people that he is risking his eternal soul.


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