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Can We Stop Calling Kerry a “Catholic” Now

Here’s Kerry taking Communion at a Protestant church. Here’s what PJPII reiterated on this matter in his encyclical ECCLESIA DE EUCHARISTIA: “The Catholic faithful, therefore, while respecting the religious convictions of these separated brethren, must refrain from receiving the communion distributed in their celebrations, so as not to condone an ambiguity about the nature of the Eucharist….”

I really don’t mean to nitpick. Who knows a judgment call a person makes in such a situation. That said, I’m tired of Kerry being protrayed as the “Catholic candidate” when a) he is no such thing, and that would be clear if more bishops (and they slowly are) would make such things crystal clear (i.e. you cannot advocate for abortion and call yourself Catholic and b) Catholic are not going to vote in a bloc, as a bloc, for or against him.


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