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Can You Deny This Man?

Jim Geraghty, National Review’s lab-leak theory expert.

We’ve been running a webathon mostly around our coverage of the lab-leak theory, which has mostly been the work of one Jim Geraghty, depicted below beseeching our readers to come through at the end of our effort here:

Do it for Jim.

I’d like to tell you that last spring I got Jim on the phone and barked, “Geraghty, get on the lab story! Pronto! I don’t care if it’s outside your lane or if you have to get up to speed on a subject entirely unfamiliar to you. And make all your pieces on this 3,000 words long, dammit!”

Instead, Jim made this a priority all on his own, and did us proud. I can’t tell you how many people have said to me over the last year or two, “Geraghty has always been great, but he’s been invaluable lately.”

Of course, I agree, and if you do, too — if you appreciate Jim’s ability to master a topic quickly and tell readers what’s most important about it, his great judgment, his conversational style, his humor and willingness to poke fun at himself, and especially his work all during the pandemic, please make it another reason to help us get to $100,000 in the final hours of our webathon.

We are inching toward the final goal, but need a good kick late to get us over the top.

All sorts of people have fallen down over the last year in ways large and small. Jim has risen to the occasion.


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