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Can You Feel The Rage?

From reader in response to last night’s post on anti-Semitism at UC Irvine:


Regarding your post about the hate speech and vandalism at UC Irvine directed at Jewish students.  I followed the link on the site to a story about the specific vandalism.  The school administrator who later met with Jewish students responded to the vandalism with the following quote:

“The initial review of the police report leads one to believe that on the face of it, a person(s) is/are unhappy with Vista del Campo. The juxtaposition of the vulgar language and swastika symbol leads us to this impression.”

Can’t you just feel this administrator’s outrage?  Neither can I.  How I long for the days when anti-Semitism made almost every progressive sweat with palpable indignation.  These days, it’s more often a multicultural shrug of the shoulders, if it gets acknowledged at all.



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