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Can You Join a Pro-Life Prayer Witness that Will Be Under Attack Tomorrow?

Tomorrow at 8 a.m., I will be in Brooklyn, which is a rarity for me. But I owe some friends some moral support. It’s a monthly Witness for Life there. There’s a Mass. Then there is a Rosary procession to Planned Parenthood. We did one last week in Manhattan and three women didn’t have abortions that day because of the prayer presence. Last month, though, when this was done in Brooklyn on the second Saturday of the month, there was a counter mob trying to keep the people praying from walking the streets, with angry signs and chants and physical intimidation. If the Facebook group NYC for Abortion Rights is successful, this will be repeated in Brooklyn again. If you happen to be in the area, would you consider peacefully joining us in prayer? And wherever you are, would you join us in prayer?  I write more about it here.

(Witness for Life)


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