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Can You Say Damned If Do, Damned If You Don’t?

I love this bit from the Kessler piece:

…none of those officials who angered Bolton were punished, and in fact they were often promoted, the interviews show. With the exception of the Westermann case, Bolton’s complaints were directed at the officials’ superiors, who either rejected Bolton’s concerns or ran interference within the State Department.

Democratic aides say Bolton’s failure to win support for his efforts to reassign lower-level officials demonstrates his lack of judgment. They say his actions may have had a chilling effect on the behavior of analysts and other aides, though they have not found evidence of that.

If Bolton had actually gotten any of these people re-assigned we would never hear the end of it and it would be evidence of just what a freakishly intimidating bully he is. But if none of them were reassigned, well, gosh, that too just shows how utterly unsuited Bolton is for the job of UN ambassador. What a joke.


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