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Canadian Hospitality

The Canadian flag is hoisted in Ottawa, Ontario, July 21, 2016. (Chris Wattie / Reuters)

Canada is legendary for its friendliness. I have always been amazed by this. So have countless other visitors. WFB once said, “The friendliest people in the world are Nova Scotians and New Zealanders.” He said this as NR was cruising in eastern Canada, as it is now. I then asked Bill — since he was ranking — “Where are the most beautiful women?” He thought about it and said: “Brazil.”

But back to Canada and its friendliness. I wanted to have lunch. There was a restaurant, with nobody sitting outside. I went in and said, “May I sit outside?” The man said, “Sure. Do you want something to drink or would you just like to sit?”

They would let you, apparently. Stunning.


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