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Canadian Judge Strips Transgender Child’s Parents of Rights

A little while ago, I posted here about advocacy within bioethics to have the state overrule parents who oppose their gender-dysphoric children from obtaining puberty blocking interventions.

That has now happened in Canada where a judge ordered that such interventions be administered over a father’s objections (the mother consents), but also ruled in a truly authoritarian fashion that calling the child by the wrong pronoun or trying to exercise parental influence over the issue would be considered child abuse. From the National Post story:

The judge went on to make the following declarations: that A.B. be referred to as male and identified by his chosen name in all legal proceedings, that he be allowed to change his legal name without the need for consent from his parents, that he is “exclusively entitled” to consent to medical treatment for his dysphoria, and that any attempt to persuade A.B. to abandon treatment or references to A.B. as a girl or using female pronouns “shall be considered to be family violence” under the Family Law Act.

The child is 14.


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