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Cancer-Stricken Woman Fires Back at White House

The woman battling stage-four cancer who penned a Wall Street Journal op-ed about losing her plan because of Obamacare said she didn’t understand why the White House felt the need to attack her for her piece. Shortly after Edie Littlefield Sundby’s piece was published on Monday, White House adviser Dan Pfeiffer tweeted a counter-argument blaming her insurance company for the change.

Sundby said it was “absurd and frankly it’s condescending” for the White House to claim that she was better off after learning that she was losing her plan and doctors. “I don’t have my insurance company that I love, I do not have the medical policy that I love and trust,” she told Fox News’s Megyn Kelly.

“I feel like I’m a loser in this because I’ve lost my medical insurance and potentially could lose my doctors, but really I think the biggest loser here is trust and respect for government, trust and respect for our leaders,” Sundby added.

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