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Cancer Victim Had Health Insurance For Year or Two After Bain Closed Plant

Earlier today, pro-Obama super PAC Priorities USA released an ad in which Joe Soptic discusses how he lost his job because Bain closed a GST Steel plant in Kansas City, Missouri, in 2001, and notes that his wife passed away of cancer not long after, suggesting that she waited to see a doctor (she had stage 4 cancer by the time she received medical attention) because of the couple’s lack of health insurance.

Well, first it turned out that Soptic’s wife, Ranae Soptic, died in 2006 — five years after the GST Steel plant closed. And now, CNN reports that Soptic told them that Ranae Soptic had health insurance through 2002 or 2003, due to her job at a local thrift store (hat tip: Greg Pollowitz):

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