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Candy Crowley: ‘Oh My Goodness, the Poor Children.’

CNN’s Candy Crowley slammed a small-town mayor Sunday for not taking a harder line against American citizens who are protesting a flood of illegal immigrants into his town.

Appearing on CNN’s State of the Union, Murrieta, Calif., mayor Alan Long pointed out that federal authorities, not his office, made the decision Tuesday to divert three busloads of undocumented immigrants from a detention center in the Riverside County city of 107,000.

Crowley repeatedly chastised Long, however, for not clearing the streets of protesters.

“As you look at these protests, the overwhelming concern did not seem to be, ‘Oh my goodness, the poor children,’” Crowley said, “The overwhelming concern seemed to be, ‘Go away. Not here.’ If this is an American concern, are you at all rethinking the idea that a town can turn away busloads of children without documents who are on their way to a federal processing center?”

Long responded that local police had intervened for the safety of the buses, which were reportedly carrying unaccompanied minors to be processed at the federal immigration jail.

“But you could have cleared the streets, right?” Crowley shot back.

According to Long, however, the decision to divert the buses was made by federal authorities. Crowley continued pestering Long to keep immigration protesters off the streets of Murrieta, but the mayor turned the question around later in the interview, saying the massive increase in unaccompanied minors from Central America was a product of bad federal policy.

“We object to inhumane facilities,” Long said of the detention center that the federal authorities were intending to use to house children. “If you look at the facilities, those are jail cells.”


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