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Can’t Anybody Here Play This Game?

That was Casey Stengel’s howl of pain as he coached the hapless expansion New York Mets back in 1962. Now New York City Democrats have reason to be howling about this year’s mayoral race. The trend line over the past few months is unmistakable — it looks like Mayor Mike Bloomberg is going to win reelection in a walk. Bloomberg should have been defeatable in a city with a 5-to-1 Democratic registration advantage and his own record as a massive tax raiser. But crime remains at historic lows, the city is looking good and feeling good, and you just can’t beat something with nothing. Which is what the Democrats have: Nothing.

Right now two leading Democratic candidates are trying to garner union support by complaining that Bloomberg’s administration has rezoned waterfront property in Brooklyn and Queens to open it to residential development. For decades this land has lain fallow because it has been reserved for industry. This is psychosis. Manufacturing has left New York City and it ain’t coming back. Allowing precious waterfront land to become a functioning part of the city’s tax base is something Democrats — who want to spend, spend, spend — should hunger for. Instead they want to live in a bizarre fantasyland where the most valuable real estate in a real-estate-starved city is kept a Ghost Town just in case World Wide Widgets wants to build a plant with a great view of the midtown skyline. Pathetic.


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