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Can’t Please Everybody Dept. Cont’d

Regulations require that once every 60 days or so I respond to an email like this one:

If you want your CORNER  to be taken seriously, perhaps you should spend a bit less time talking about LOST. It seems awfully irrelevant given the immigration debate going on….Should I continue to tune in to The Corner to get the latest information on the immigration debate and other important issueds or should I just visit your site like I would a entertainment web page blog?

 Me: It’s completely LOST (heh) on me why the Corner can’t be both/and rather than either/or. Smart, capable people, can scroll past posts they don’t want to read. I get lots of email from folks saying  we’re spending way too much time on immigration and not enough on the war on terror,  or the season finale of 24 for that matter. But here’s the thing: the Corner isn’t a blog about TV or immigration or the war on terror. It’s a blog about whatever its contributors want it to be about (with some exceptions of course, grumble, grumble). We’ve had lots of posts about sillier stuff than the Lost season finale and the White House still saw fit to respond to the Corner yesterday. My guess is most people can  maintain similar distinctions in the future. But, as always, I am open to correction.