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Cantor Calls Obama

Transcript provided by the Majority Leader’s office:

LEADER CANTOR: Hello Mr. President.   

(Remarks by President Obama)

LEADER CANTOR: Mr. President, thanks so much for taking the call. Officially we are calling to inform you that the House and Senate have established a quorum and that, as you know, we have elected John Boehner Speaker and we are ready to receive any communication that you’d be pleased to make.

(Remarks by President Obama)

LEADER CANTOR: Thank you, Mr. President and we as well.  I think following up on the ability for us to work together is important – as was demonstrated in the tax bill.  I know that many of us are anxious for you to come up to the Hill for the State of the Union address.  And I know that many members of our conference are particularly hopeful that we can work together given some of your remarks about spending cuts, that you’ll be proposing in your State of the Union speech.  And I personally – I know you’ve mentioned me in a discussion about earmarks, and I know you know that it would be a great bipartisan step for us to work with Leader Reid to come closer to our position.  I really look forward to that.  Finally, Mr. President, you talked about getting the economy going and there are a lot folks,  I think on both sides of the aisle, who would like to see some tax reform proposals, so we’d love to work with you on that as well. 

(Remarks by President Obama, Remarks by Minority Leader Pelosi)

LEADER CANTOR: Thank you, Mr. President.


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