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Cantor to GOP: ‘Seize the Moment’ and Delay the Individual Mandate

Right now, the House GOP is huddling in the Capitol basement, going over their immigration strategy. But before the meeting began, House majority leader Eric Cantor brought up another topic: Obamacare.

According to sources in the room, Cantor urged his colleagues to use the White House’s delay of the employer mandate as a political battering ram against the administration’s prized law.

“Seize the moment,” Cantor told them. The delay, he predicted, could “destabalize the coalition for Obamacare.”

He then called on the House to pass a one-year delay of the individual mandate to go along with an employer-mandate delay.

“After both bills pass we combine them into one bill to send to the Senate,” he said. “On the delay of the employer mandate, we will make the point that the president doesn’t have the authority to just ignore the law. It will also force Democrats into the position of supporting or opposing the president.”


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