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Cantor on NY-26: Not a Referendum

A special election for the vacant seat in New York’s 26th congressional district is not a referendum on Medicare reform, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R., Va.) told reporters Monday.

“Not at all,” he said. “This race is about the fact that it’s a three-way race.” The inclusion of “Tea Party” candidate Jack Davis had made the race “a lot closer than anyone had thought,” he said.

Cantor, who along with other high profile Republicans has recently visited the district, praised the Republican Jane Corwin and the same issues that propelled the GOP to victory in 2010 — jobs, spending and the economy — would similarly be the driving force behind the NY-26 election.

“I do not think it can be seen as a signal as to the role of the budget reforms that we have proposed, including that in Medicare,” he said. “I know this town loves to take signals from individual races. I think the best signal you can take is the 63 seats that we picked up in November.”

More on the NY-26 race from Bob Costa here.

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