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Cantor Plan on Life Support

Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s plan for a bill funding the government that forces the Senate to vote on whether to defund Obamacare — but doesn’t force a budget stalemate over the issue — is on life support and may never see the House floor.

Cantor’s office said the House may cancel a recess the last week of September — the week before the current government funding law expires — due to “pending ongoing discussions on the continuing resolution.” That, on top of delaying the vote, originally scheduled for today, would seem to indicate that the issue is in flux.

But a wide array of plugged-in Republican lawmakers tell National Review Online they believe the measure is doomed. It doesn’t have the votes, and it’s not close enough that leadership will be able to produce them, they say.

Leadership aides are still officially positive on its chances, but Speaker Boehner at a press conference just now conceded there are fluid discussions with members over the path forward.

Conversations between leadership and members are running the whole gamut: It’s not just the continuing resolution but the debt ceiling and how they will interact with one another. Broadly speaking, hardline conservatives want to have the fight now, while leadership is cautioning about the need to ramp up the messaging war before officially sending demands to President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.



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