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Carly for Amnesty?

The Susan B. Anthony List and the National Organization for Marriage have a new Spanish-language ad up supporting Carly Fiorina and attacking Barbara Boxer, entitled “Our Values, Our Senator.” Putting aside the quaint notion of understanding the English language as a prerequisite for citizenship, the ad starts well enough, pointing out Boxer’s support for abortion and same-sex marriage.

Then it slams Boxer because she “voted against immigration reform to permit our people to come here legally to work.”

Wait, what? What’s that have to do with the sanctity of life and preserving traditional marriage? So, “our values” now include protecting the unborn, defending the family, and — indentured servitude? And what’s this “our people” stuff?

What the ad’s referring to is Boxer’s votes during the 2007 amnesty debate to limit the proposed “temporary” worker provisions — provisions that were the only reason business was supporting the bill. Carly’s pal McCain attacked those Democrats voting this way (including then-Sen. Obama) for endangering the fragile deal he’d constructed to get amnesty through the Senate. Proving that even a stopped clock is right twice a day, Boxer did indeed help stop one of the worst pieces of legislation ever considered by Congress — and conservative groups are criticizing her for it?

If Boxer had voted the way the ad suggests she should have — the way that would apparently have been true to “our values” — we might now have a massive, fraud-ridden amnesty program, legalizing unknown numbers of terrorists and gangsters, and serving as a green light for future illegal immigration; huge new guestworker programs resulting in both exploitation and large-scale permanent settlement, both legal and illegal; and empty promises of future enforcement, every one of them held up in court by the ACLU, and promises that the current crowd in the White House would feel no obligation to honor.

If that’s really what Fiorina favors, it would be nice to know now. Someone should ask her how she would have voted on the climactic June 28, 2007, cloture vote — would she have voted with McCain and Boxer and Kennedy, or with DeMint and Sessions and Coburn?


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