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Fiorina ‘Has No Plans’ to Run for President in 2020

Is Carly Fiorina going to run for president in 2020? 

That question was prompted on Monday by a somewhat cryptic broadside launched by Fiorina, the former Hewlett-Packard CEO and 2016 GOP presidential candidate, against “so many Republicans” who have decided to “pledge allegiance to The Party and swear fidelity to President Trump.”

“I have been called ‘disloyal’ because I am critical of Trump,” Fiorina wrote on Twitter and Facebook. She added:

I am not alone. Many others have been intimidated into silence or compelled to defend the indefensible. . . . 

It is not a citizen’s job to ‘be loyal’; it is the official’s job to earn our loyalty. And when they cannot, we vote them out of office. As citizens it is both our responsibility and our right to hold elected officials accountable: for their words, their actions and the consequences of both. 

So: Is she going to run for president in 2020? “She’s not running,” a source close to Fiorina tells National Review. “She has no plans to run in the Republican primary against Trump or as a third-party candidate.”

The source declined to speculate about whether anything could change in the future that would cause Fiorina to change her mind.


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