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Carney Deflects Inquiries: ‘I’m Not a Computer Expert’

Jay Carney continued to dodge questions about the various problems plaguing Obamacare’s online exchanges today, by pleading ignorance and repeatedly pointing reporters’ questions to the Department of Health and Human Services. At the end of Tuesday’s daily briefing, after offering one last referral to HHS, Carney walked out of the room as frustrated reporters continued to ask him questions.

Carney explained that, due to his inexperience with website construction, he wouldn’t be able to comment on some of the technical and specific elements of the websites’ development. “I’m not a computer expert, I don’t build websites,” he said.

When asked whether the White House would cooperate with congressional oversight, Carney said the administration would do so only if it was “legitimate.”

“I’m just saying that everybody here that wasn’t born yesterday has seen questionable congressional oversight in the past,” he said; earlier today, Oversight Committee chairman Darrell Issa announced that he would be leading the investigation into the websites.


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