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Carney, Karl Skirmish over Obamacare: ‘Jon, I Give Up’

White House press secretary Jay Carney tried to fend off a rigorous line of questioning from ABC News reporter Jonathan Karl during Monday’s daily briefing. The tense exchange eventually led Carney to dismiss Karl’s remaining questions and move on.

Karl took issue with President Obama’s recent claim that users could enroll over the phone as an alternative to the dysfunctional website. He pointed out that the hotline was not really an alternative way to enroll and bypass the website because applications still had to be processed through the same portal, ultimately putting it in the same queue as those accepted through the dysfunctional website. Carney mocked Karl in his response, arguing that the hotline “relieves some of the frustration” of those visiting the website because users do not personally have to try to use the website.

“Jon, I give up,” Carney said before moving on, adding that he was “sorry” he couldn’t make Karl understand why it was a sufficient alternative.


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