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Carney Tells Republicans to ‘Pay Some Attention to Spanish-Language Media’

With the immigration debate ongoing and the House weighing its legislative plans, Jay Carney said Republican leaders need to follow Spanish-language media.

Noting a La Opinión editorial opposing Republicans’ version of the DREAM Act, Carney told reporters that “all of us, but mostly Republican leaders, [need] to pay some attention to the Spanish-language media in this country.” (La Opinión is America’s largest Spanish-language newspaper, and second-most-widely-circulated newspaper in Los Angeles.)

“That media are making clear [sic] they expect action from Congress, and they hold those who oppose commonsense solutions to this challenge responsible,” he explained.

Eric Cantor and Judiciary Committee chairman Bob Goodlatte have reportedly been working on a Republican version of the DREAM Act that provide a path to citizenship for the children who were brought to the U.S. illegally. Democrats have already voiced dissatisfaction with the bill because the children’s parents won’t have a similar path.

Carney reiterated that the administration wants to pass a comprehensive version of immigration reform, rather than taking the piece-by-piece approach preferred by House Republicans. Carney said he believed that, ultimately, the “the consensus is so strong” behind comprehensive reform that “a bill will land on the president’s desk that meets his principles.”


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