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Carson: The Minimum Wage Hurts Black Workers Most

Dr. Ben Carson, asked if he would raise the minimum wage, said that doing so increases unemployment — most especially in black communities. Here’s that exchange from tonight’s debate: 

CARSON: People need to be educated on the minimum wage. Every time we raise the minimum wage, the number of jobless people increases. This is particularly a problem in the black community. Only 19.8 percent of black teenagers have a job. Or are looking for one. And that’s because of those high wages. If you lower those wages, that comes down. You know, I can remember as a youngster, you know my first job working in a laboratory as a lab assistant and multiple other jobs but I would would not have gotten those jobs if someone had to pay me a large amount of money but what I gained from those jobs is tremendous amount of experience and how to operate in the world and how to relate to different people and how to become a responsible individual. And that’s what gave me what I needed to ascend the ladder of opportunity in this country. That is what we need to be thinking about. How do we allow people to ascend the ladder of opportunity and rather than give them everything and keep them dependent.

CAVUTO: Sir, just to be clear you would not raise it?

CARSON: I would not raise it. I would not raise it specifically because I’m interested in making sure that people are able to enter the job market and take advantage of opportunities.

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