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The Case of the Dying Ayatollah

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is lying in a “royal suite” in the spiffy Vanak hospital (that’s its old name, which most Tehranis use) in Tehran.  He wanted to leave today but the doctors would not permit it.  I guess doctors have the last word, even in a dispute with the Supreme Leader. Heh.  He arrived there late yesterday afternoon local time, after feeling cold, breaking out in a cold sweat, and losing feeling in his feet.  The initial examination found low blood pressure and a slow pulse rate.  They originally feared internal bleeding, but have tentatively concluded that he “only” suffers from a weakened heart.  On top of his cancer, that is.  

More tomorrow, I hope.  But note that this coronary crisis coincides with a very intense power struggle within the regime itself, leading up to the elections of the Guardian Council.  In recent days, there was a very suspicious airplane crash that killed several top Revolutionary Guards officers, and the recent draft law in Parliament that would effectively reduce Ahmadinezhad’s term by a full year. 

Exciting times, eh what?

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