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In Case You Missed It: NRO Weekend

With Star Trek Weekend a few weekends ago, we relaunched an old NRO feature — the weekend breather, a casual package of cultural pieces and roundups, up at noon Fridays. It’s a magazine within a magazine. Or a webzine within a webzine within a magazine. However you want to say it, here’s what we had this weekend:

DOCUMENTARY: TOM HOOPES: There is no choice but pro-choice. “Lake of Bias” 10/12 12:00 PM

PARENTING (AUDIO!): IT TAKES A PARENT: Betsy Hart talks boys with Christina Hoff Sommers.

WEEK IN REVIEW (AUDIO!): RADIO DERB: John Derbyshire cuts to the heart of the week. “RadioDerb – 10/12


BOOKS: MYRNA BLYTH: Lynne Cheney grew up confident. “Don’t Fence Her In” 10/12 12:00 PM

MOVIES: PETER SUDERMAN: Michael Clayton is all Clooney. “Curious George” 10/12 12:00 PM

FLASHBACK: WHITTAKER CHAMBERS: Atlas Shrugs turns 50. “Big Sister Is Watching You” 10/12 11:38 AM


PLUS: The Weekend Web Briefing:


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