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In Case You Weren’t Sure How Much Jindal and Vitter Dislike Each Other

It’s no secret that Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal and Louisiana senator David Vitter can’t stand each other. That distaste was on full display Wednesday when Jindal was asked whether he would back Vitter in the state’s governor’s race.

The only two choices are Vitter and Democrat John Bell Edwards, who are facing each other in a runoff. Jindal, in his presidential campaign stops, speaks passionately about how important it is that a Republican wins the White House. But still, he would not commit to backing Vitter over a Democrat in the race to succeed him as governor.

“We haven’t made that decision yet,” he said, when asked if he planned to endorse in the race. “That doesn’t mean we won’t. But we haven’t made that decision yet.”

Asked if that meant there was a chance he would back the Democrat rather than support Vitter, Jindal again dodged.

“Look, all I’m saying is we haven’t made a decision; we haven’t announced any endorsement in the race,” he said. “We look forward to watching the runoff unfold, and again, I think folks make too big of a deal about politicians endorsing or not endorsing. I think the voters are gonna decide.”


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