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Castle Mulls a Write-In Bid

In an impromptu chat with reporters on Wednesday, Rep. Mike Castle did not shut the door on a write-in campaign for U.S. Senate. Castle, who last week lost Delaware’s GOP Senate primary to Christine O’Donnell, says that he has given “some thought” to mounting a challenge to O’Donnell and Democrat Chris Coons, but “probably won’t do it.”

Castle tells us that he will make a final decision by Sept. 30. Until then, he will continue to mull his options. “I’m not exactly approaching this with bated breath,” he says. “I have had a lot of people approach me about it . . . my approval rating is still high.” Still, he says, “I don’t want to necessarily interfere with Republican chances.”

Castle adds that he is in no mood to endorse O’Donnell, his fellow Republican, noting that he remains “very unhappy with things that happened” in their heated primary. He also remains frustrated with how “Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh” portrayed his record. “Obviously I’m hurt and stunned by [the loss].”

In recent days, Castle says that he has had one conversation with O’Donnell. How was it? “Pleasant enough,” he says. NRO asks: What can O’Donnell do to secure your support? “That’s a maze I couldn’t even get into at this point,” he replies.

What does he make of Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, who recently mounted a write-in bid after losing her GOP primary? Since then, she has lost her leadership post in the party. “I understand what the Republican party has to do,” he says. “I can’t thank the Republican party enough, the senatorial committee . . .  I understand that when someone else is nominated, they have the responsibility to help that person.”

“I think there is still room for moderate Republicans,” Castle says, reflecting on the GOP, before heading into the House chamber for a vote.


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