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Catholic Schools

Bravo to Kathryn’s column on Catholic colleges. (OK, I’m a kiss-up kind of guy — but I don’t kick down!) I went to Georgetown as an undergrad, and even 25 years ago the place was working hard to shed its moniker (probably self-assigned anyway) as the Catholic Harvard. The provost at the time (he was still a Jesuit then; now both provost and president are laymen; at least they’re Catholic, I think) said something to the effect that they would make sure that at least half of each incoming freshman class was Catholic, and my Irish Catholic girlfriend at the time was scandalized at such terribly discriminatory comments. And a school’s Catholic-ness shouldn’t be limited to not inviting baby-killers to be commencement speakers; what’s wrong with requiring all incoming students to take two semesters on the faith a dogma of the Catholic Church? You don’t have to believe it, but if you’re there, you should know it.


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