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Catholics and Our Current ‘Crisis’

At the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C., on Friday, Archbishop Raymond Burke challenged those present to live lives of faithfulness to Catholic orthodoxy as their patriotic contribution to life in America. He spelled out both how to do that and how not to do that. And in the “not” category were Notre Dame’s current “outrage” and voting for Obama.

The whole speech should be read by anyone remotely interested in religion and politics. 

In an interview with NRO, Archbishop Burke expands on some of the themes of his Friday speech. He says, in part: 

LOPEZ: You advise prayer and fasting. But how do we change the hearts and minds of those who may not believe in God or see abortion as a human-rights issue or marriage as in need of saving?

ARCHBISHOP BURKE: We change the minds and hearts of those who do not see procured abortion as a violation of the most fundamental human right and who do not see the need to safeguard marriage and the family from same-sex marriage in two ways: first, by the clear and consistent witness of our own respect for the inviolable dignity of innocent human life and for the integrity of marriage; and, second, by communicating widely the truth about the most serious moral implications of establishing the right of parents to destroy the child they have conceived and of redefining the fundamental nature of marriage.

LOPEZ: You seemed to make very clear that Catholic voters collaborated with evil when they voted for Obama. If you’re Catholic and did, do you have to confess this now that Mexico City, embryo-destructive funding, among other things, have happened?

ARCHBISHOP BURKE: If a Catholic knowingly and deliberately votes for a person who is in favor of the most grievous violations of the natural moral law, then he has formally cooperated in a grave evil and must confess his serious sin. Since President Obama clearly announced, during the election campaign, his anti-life and anti-family agenda, a Catholic who knew his agenda regarding, for example, procured abortion, embryonic-stem-cell research, and same-sex marriage, could not have voted for him with a clear conscience.

There’s more here.

The excerpts don’t do his whole message full justice as he put it to me: It really is worth reading the whole speech and interview. He’s not throwing rhetorical or theological bombs. He’s teaching. Interpreting. You might say, too, shepherding.


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