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Cats V Dogs

I was just talking to Rich on the phone — so 20th century!– and he said something to the effect of “I hope you noted the central role dogs played in the worst public relations disaster of the last hundred years.” He was referring to the role our canine comrades played at Abu Ghraib prison in terrorizing the inmates. You’d never see cats taking part in something like that, he said.

Of course Lowry’s right. But that’s not because of the higher ethical or moral standards of cats — they will eat their own owners if they get hungry enough, after all. It’s because cats simply cannot be trusted to do the heavy and sometimes dirty work required in the war on terror. Should the Islamo-fascists win, the dogs will no doubt be rounded-up. But the cats will accomodate their new overlords with the ease that Kent Brockman welcomed his new giant ant masters (that’s a Simpsons reference btw).

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