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CBS Columnist: Native Americans Who Support Redskins’ Name Are ‘Uncle Toms’ writer Mike Freeman wants the Washington Redskins to change their team name, and thinks any American Indian who doesn’t feel the same way is a new “Uncle Tom.”

“Sure, there will be some Uncle Tom American Indians who will say Redskins honors them, just like there were some Uncle Tom blacks who once didn’t mind being called colored,” Freeman wrote.

In his column, titled “Redskins not offensive to you? How about the Washington N-Words?,” Freeman argued that supporters of the “Redskins” name might as well not oppose the idea of a team going by the “Washington N-Words.” “If we’re going to be bigots, why not go big?” he wrote.

“Instead of a stereotypical Indian wearing war paint, the mascot can be a Sambo-like dude smacking his lips on some watermelon,” he continued. “What? That offends you? Seems ridiculous? The Redskins caricature is just as stereotypical and ugly.” Below is the Redskins logo featuring an American Indian warrior:


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