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CBS Panel Is Ready to Blame GOP Sen. Tom Cotton If Obama’s Foreign Policy Toward Iran Fails

The panel on CBS’ Face the Nation appears ready to blame Arkansas senator Tom Cotton if the Obama administration’s negotiations with Iran fall through. Cotton, along with 46 other Senators, penned a letter warning the Iranian regime not to rely on any agreement with President Obama that did not have the approval of Congress.

“Yes, Cotton is well intentioned in doing this, but it’s backfiring,” said Dana Milbank of the Washington Post. “If the Ayatollah is going to give out the Ayatollah’s Medal of Honor this year, I think Cotton’s going to be a finalist because it gives them an excuse if they pull away from the agreement now.”

After questioning Cotton about whether he had any regrets over writing the letter, Bob Schieffer, host of Face the Nation, admitted that he found the Cotton’s decision “surprising,” considering that Cotton was a veteran. The New York Times’ Peter Baker added that Cotton’s actions also might have dissuaded some Democrats from pushing back against the Obama administration’s negotiations with Iran.

“What’s interesting about it though, is it seemed to jeopardize what had been a bipartisan skepticism [of the negotiations],” Baker said. “The White House actually is kind of happy, frankly, that it played out this way.” 

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