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Celebrate WFB: Join Us in Chicago This Week

National Review founder William F. Buckley Jr.

The final installment of National Review Institute’s barnstorming nationwide forums to celebrate the life and legacy of Bill Buckley takes place on Thursday, April 12, in Chicago at the Mid-America Club, and yes — you really have to be there. Rich Lowry will kick off the morning with remarks about the WFB Legacy, and some reflections on current conservative contentions, after which Jay Nordlinger will engage with Al Felzenberg, author of the acclaimed 2017 Buckley biography, A Man and His Presidents, about WFB’s “Conservative Movement,” and then Rich will again take the stage to converse with Matt Continetti on “WFB’s Journalism.” Next come a reception and lunch, at which David French will offer a keynote titled “The Kids Aren’t Alright: How the Culture Is Killing Free Speech” (and damn if that isn’t true!).

I’ve been at all of the forums (NYC, D.C., Houston, Dallas, Palm Beach, San Francisco, and Newport Beach) and if you are into taking my word, then please do — they have been terrific, and that’s an understatement. Chicago will be no less a grand time. To sign up (and maybe to become a sponsor) click here.


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