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Celebrating Diversity

Current social dogma dictates that when something good happens, “diversity” must have played a part.

Well, something very good indeed just happened to Jason Fordin, vice president of Empire Bail Bonds, in the borough of Queens, New York City. What happened was, Mr Fordin got a whole draft of new customers for his bail-bondsmen employees to process. Police have just broken up several crime rings dealing in bogus credit cards. There have been 110 arrests — that’s the good news for Mr Fordin.

One of the rings was led by Amar Singh, who was described in court papers as “overseeing the entire operation” … Sources said that Singh employed his girlfriend, Neaj Punjani Singh, 21, as his top lieutenant … Both Singhs were held on $1 million bail … One defendant, Carlos Plaza, 26, was using forged cards to jet down to Miami and Puerto Rico on a private jet … Angel Quiñones, a security guard with military experience, was charged with grand larceny …

And sure enough, here’s the punch line from Mr Fordin, giving credit (so to speak) where credit’s due:

The credit-card fraud defendants represent “the diversity of Queens,” he said.

Of course they do! And as great a tragedy as these crimes were for the store-owners of Queens, it would be a shame if our diversity became a casualty as well.