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Celebrating a Great Defender of Life, a Dedicated Public Servant

The less-publicized dinner in New York last night was The Human Life Review’s Great Defender of Life dinner. Jim Buckley, the former senator from New York and federal judge, was honored — Ed Mechmann writes it up here. You can read my recent interview with Senator Buckley here. And read and support The Human Life Review, a resource and inspiration, here

And speaking of the U.S. Senate and political candidates: Wendy Long, who is running for the U.S. Senate against Kirsten Gillibrand, was in attendance at the Human Life Review dinner. As we saw this week in the one debate between the two of them, she knows who she is and has the talent and fortitude to serve with vision and dedicate. New York ought to take a closer look at their alternative to President Obama’s loyal foot-soldier, Gillibrand, in the next 18 days. (An early interview with Long here. A snapshot from the debate earlier this week here; Long clears the record about what exactly the fight over religious freedom is.)


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