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Celsius 41.11

David Bossie and Citizens United unveiled their Fahrenheit 9/11 rebuttal documentary in Georgetown last night and the good news is that, unlike Michael Moore’s film, Celsius 41.11 is an actual documentary.

Alas, that’s also the bad news. 41.11 isn’t nearly as emotionally powerful as Moore’s film, in part because it is far more logical. Celsius 41.11 clearly wins the argument, but Michael Moore wins the audience.

Not that Celsius 41.11 didn’t have some very entertaining moments, many of them at the expense of John Kerry. It turns out Sen. Kerry actually is very, very funny. Just not on purpose.

But the show-stopping, LOL moment had to be watching Dan Rather from election night 2000 saying (I’m paraphrasing): “Those other networks might be calling some of the states, but don’t listen to them. We’d rather get it later than get it wrong. When you hear US call a state, you’ll KNOW it’s been won! You can trust CBS.”

Watching Rather’s self-righteous pomposity is a gut-buster today, made even more funnier when the film points out that, about two minutes later, he called Florida…for GORE!

Kudos to Bossie, Lionel Chetwynd and everyone involved for getting a film produced and in the theaters in eight weeks. That’s an amazing feat. Given the tight schedule, I was surprised at the overall quality of the production values. It’s like a very well-made edition of Frontline, written and produced by conservatives. It makes its case that the Michael Moore wing of the Democratic Party doesn’t have the facts and is behaving like out-of-control children.

Unfortunately, I just don’t think there are a lot of people left willing to be persuaded. Some conservatives will watch and say “See, I told you so!” Liberals will watch and dismiss the arguments as partisan. Undecideds…well, they won’t watch it. And if they did, they could likely imagine the counterarguments for themselves.

I was struck by one other thing while watching the movie, and that is how irrelevant Fahrenheit 9/11 seems to be already. The idea that Moore’s move was going to significantly effect the election already seems quaint, even naive. It was a cheerleading video for the Left’s true believers and nothing more.

Celsius 41.11 does a solid job of logically confronting the (for lack of a better word) arguments Moore makes against Bush. But Michael Moore isn’t logical, and neither are his fans. They’re angry, and they’re gonna stay angry. David Bossie is just reminding us how foolish and ill-informed their tantrums are.

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