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Centre Stage

Danville, Ky. — Greetings from Centre College. Paul Ryan is nearby, relaxing with his family. His wife, Janna, is here. So is Betty Ryan, his 78-year-old mother. Behind the scenes, Ryan is having salmon and rice for dinner — nothing too heavy before going on stage. He is also reviewing his two briefing books. One is for domestic policy, the other for foreign policy. Before the debate, when he is alone backstage, Ryan will scroll through his iPod. I hear it’s a Zeppelin-heavy playlist.

Over on the homepage, I look at Ryan’s checklist. A few days ago, I reviewed Ryan’s debate prep. At 7:30 p.m. Eastern, I’ll be on CNBC, previewing the debate. And all night, I’ll be on Twitter, @robertcostaNRO, reporting from the scene.


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