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Chaffetz: Criminal Charges Don’t Show Any Commitment to Benghazi

For Representative Jason Chaffetz, the United State’s criminal charges against an alleged Libyan militia commander involved in the Benghazi attacks are too little too late and don’t display a serious commitment to the matter.

“What scratches your head and is a little bit offensive is to suggest that this is a top priority for the United States government,” the Utah Republican said on Fox News this morning. “It hasn’t been for eleven months. The most critical time of any investigation are those days and weeks right after.”

Chaffetz expressed skepticism about “the new information that the government suddenly has to file charges” against Ahmed Abu Khattala. He questioned why the government decided to keep the charges sealed, despite the fact that they could be made public (news of the charges was reported yesterday).

He explained the Obama administration has clearly shown little interest in the investigation, but didn’t offer an explanation as to why. “Why wasn’t it a top priority when Secretary Clinton testified before Congress months after the attack?” he asked, referencing her infamous “at this point, what difference does it make?” exclamation about what led to the attack.

Meanwhile Khattala, who is believed by both American and Libyan officials to have been present during the attacks, denied all the charges to the Associated Press yesterday. He reiterated that he has yet to be questioned by the American government, saying he has been “having a normal life.” He claimed to have quit his role in the militia prior to the attack and became a construction contractor.


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