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Change You Can Believe In

A reader from Garland, Texas, came up with something I like a lot. He was responding to today’s Impromptus, in which I discuss the slippery game of “climate change.” (The main events in my column are John Derbyshire and Mike Wallace, but there’s the usual mishmash.) Once, the enviro-Left spoke of “global warming.” And then the globe had the rudeness to stop warming. “Climate change” was better, covering everything. “Global weirding” is another catch-all.

Barack Obama is not above trashing his predecessor on foreign soil — to students. In front of a group of Turkish students, he said, “George Bush didn’t believe in climate change. I do believe in climate change. I think it’s important.”

Needless to say, W. “believes in” climate change: Everyone acknowledges that climate changes. The debate is over a theory of man-made global warming, and what governments should do, and not do. In Impromptus, I quote a letter that quotes a farmer: “I’ve been farming for 30 years. Only one of them was normal.”

Anyway, our reader from Garland, Texas. He says, “Those who take the weather patterns of their youth to be the planetary norm are the ones who do not ‘believe in climate change.’”



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