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A Changing of the Guard

Bill McGurn is one of the smartest, toughest, wisest, and funniest Irishmen that New Jersey has ever produced, which is saying something. Before moving to the White House, Bill spent 20 years at the Wall Street Journal. And before that? Why, he worked at National Review, of course.

Bill joined the White House staff at a high moment, just weeks before the President took the oath of office for the second time. During most of the many months since then, Bill has found himself serving in a White House under intense pressure. He has served with dedication, loyalty, and elan all the same. And as he now takes his leave, returning to New York, he can take satisfaction from the crystallizing victory in Iraq—and from the knowledge that he, too, fought to bring it about.

With the most profound thanks to Bill for serving the country so intelligently and selflessly–and to his wife, Julie, and to their three girls, for putting up with all that Bill’s service in the White House entailed. And with the warmest congratulations to Marc Thiessen, the talented young writer who will succeed Bill.


For Immediate Release December 14, 2007


As Assistant to the President for Speechwriting, Bill McGurn has worked tirelessly to help communicate my agenda to the American people and the world. Bill is a serious thinker and a gifted writer whose command of language and knowledge of history have helped shape a wide variety of my speeches. I have counted on Bill to help me prepare State of the Union addresses, policy announcements, and speeches to the Nation. In all our work together, I have valued Bill’s creativity, insight, and sound judgment. And I have appreciated his friendship, generous spirit, and sense of humor.

As he moves on to the next stage of his career, Bill can be proud of his service at the White House. The son of a Marine, Bill loves his country and has served it well. Laura and I have come to know Bill’s wife, Julie, and their daughters Grace, Maisie, and Lucy, and we wish Bill and his family all the best.

I am pleased to announce that Bill’s deputy, Marc Thiessen, will succeed him as Assistant to the President for Speechwriting. Marc has done superb work in the Speechwriting office for more than three years. Before coming to the White House he served as Chief Speechwriter to Secretary Rumsfeld. Marc is a talented writer and experienced communicator who will do an outstanding job in his new position. I look forward to continuing to work with him.


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