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Chaos Is Hillary Wearing Pink on Fox News

How’s this for an honest e-mail? 

The thing that I’ve always relied upon on my analysis of Senator

Rodham-Clinton is that she is calculating, cold-hearted b*tch.

Everything about her political career then makes sense. (See, when I’m

looking for a candidate I try to determine what their principles are,

because from their principles you can basically deduce where they will

fall on any issues.  If the politician has no principles, then I tend to

think their personality will guide their positions.)  However, I watched

last night’s interview twice (first at 8 and again at 11), and each time

I came across liking the woman that was being interviewed.  I didn’t

like her political stances, but I liked her.

I think one thing that maybe played into my favorable opinion of her is

that I have hated on Obama so much recently and I actually have been

quietly rooting for Hillary to win…


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