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From Rush yesterday:

I’m going to face this right up front, folks. Snerdley came in today after seeing Jeremiah Wright. He said, “You realize she’s going to get the nomination, you realize this, don’t you?” And I said, “That’s not in stone yet.” “She is going to get the nomination, and you are going to get the blame because of Operation Chaos.” And I’ve had some other friends say it, because people want the Clinton dragon slain. They just want it out of there. Operation Chaos has many, many battle plans; many, many options. We have foreseen all potentialities, if I may use that word. We have a battle plan if Hillary gets the nomination. We have a battle plan if Obama succeeds and pulls this off. She may well get it. These supers, you know, Howard Dean said today that one of these two, it’s up to them to quit in June. Last week he said it’s up to the superdelegates to choose one of them in June. What that tells me is the superdelegates all called Howard Dean and said (blowing a raspberry) on you. You think we’re going to decide in June, (blowing a raspberry) you, Mr. Dean, and (blowing a raspberry) you, Dr. Dean, we are not going to have anywhere we near that. So Dean, said okay, okay, okay, okay, I’ll back off. I’ll back off. I’ll tell the candidates one of them has to quit.

So that’s the latest out there. They are just in total chaos, folks. And don’t worry about who their nominee is. Remember, Operation Chaos’ objective is not to choose the nominee. It is the theory, it is the holding, the finding of the commander-in-chief of Operation Chaos that either of these two can be beat. But one of the things that cannot be denied no matter who gets the nomination, the other’s supporters are going to be livid. They will be fit to be tied. I don’t want to bring up what might happen in Denver if Hillary is the nominee.


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