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Chapter 6,837 . . .

. . . in my book If Quayle, W., or Palin Had Said That . . .: Joe Biden on the stump says, “I mean, here you have out there these kinds of, you know, incitements out there — guy introducing Barack using his middle name, as if it’s some epitaph or something.” Yeah, it’s some epitaph, all right.

Where’s the Saturday Night Live skit on Biden?

And what if Palin had lied about her academic standing, and scholarships received, and prizes received . . .? And what if she had lifted her oratory from a foreign politician (though Biden was about 500 times less eloquent than Kinnock, basically stupidizing the Welshman’s lines)?

Anyway: To be a Republican is to learn to endure media bias and not whine about it. As you can see, my learning is incomplete.

UPDATE: A friend tells me that Saturday Night Live has done a “great send-up” of Biden — which I’m glad to hear and relate!


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