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The Agony of the GOP

That was the title of a book by Bob Novak, in 1965, about the previous year’s election. (Only there were dots in “GOP”: “G.O.P.” We also put dots in the Soviet Union: “U.S.S.R.”) In our new Need to Know, Mona and I talk about Trump, the GOP, and the Right.

Surgeon General’s Warning to Trump Followers: You will not like this podcast. Instead of listening to it, you may wish, for example, to do what Dr. Elders advised, years ago.

Mona and I also talk about Miz Hillary: her brazen lies about Benghazi, and her quaint charges of sexism. Because Bernie thinks a woman’s place is in the kitchen, you know?

During the 2008 Democratic primaries, the Clintons found out what it’s like to be accused of racism. Bernie Sanders must be somewhat dizzy to be accused of sexism. But that’s how they roll, in Dem politics.

As you will all know, Glamour magazine has chosen Caitlyn Jenner as Woman of the Year. Mona doesn’t like this. (Neither do I.) Mona also brings up the Great Bacon Panic of October 2015. I say the following for my man Ted Cruz: He can cook bacon and fire a gun at the same time. Indeed, cook bacon by firing the gun.

If that’s not American …

We go out with some music by a Frenchman, but don’t hold his nationality against him: the Finale of the (Organ) Symphony No. 1 by Louis Vierne — which, by the way, was played by Bradley Welch in Dallas the other evening in a recital that served as prelude to our Buckley Prize Dinner.

Hope to see you at this dinner one year! (You may even win?)


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