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Krauthammer’s Take: Trump Trying to Raise Money From Donors a ‘Complete Contradiction’


Charles Krauthammer says that Donald Trump’s donation-seeking is a complete flip-flop from earlier in the campaign: 

Well what tends to discount those numbers is the fact that McCain and Romney lost. So it is hardly something that guarantees Trump’s losing, it isn’t that much of a negative. He got $2 billion worth of free media, he’s the master of that. Now it could be, that after nine months, or a year now, of being on the air everyday all the time on all cable networks, that the message is there, already out there, and it’s not going to do very much good. In fact, he tends now with all of these appearances to get himself in trouble, as he has over the last month or so with his off-the-cuff pronouncements.

The one thing that is interesting and paradoxical – and that would be a problem for any other ordinary candidate – is that he did campaign very strongly and very aggressively against his competitors in the primary for being owned – lock, stock, and barrel – by the people they took money from. And here he is going around cup in hand trying to raise money from donors and complaining that he’s not getting enough.

So you’ve to ask him – and with him he seems to discard an idea from here to there – but it’s a complete contradiction: won’t he be owned by them if he gets there money? And how does he explain the flip-flop?

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