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Krauthammer’s Take: Republican Base Holding House GOP to an ‘Absurd’ Standard of Success

“What [Paul] Ryan is leading is a group of roughly 250 people in the Congress — all of whom were elected — and they were elected in support of the Ryan agenda,” Charles Krauthammer argued tonight on Fox News Special Report’s All-Star Panel. “In 2011, [House Republicans] were able to vote for what was called a ‘suicidal Medicare reform’ and the party did extremely well afterwards in 2014.”

“I don’t think that it’s going to critical whether individual senators support Trump,” Krauthammer said. “The question is ‘what will conservatives do?’ — the 60 percent of primary voters who did not support him.”

“The idea that the Republicans in Congress failed is absurd. Ryan was able to get the Republicans to support Medicare reform,” Krauthammer continued. “Under our Constitution you can’t do it from one house [of Congress] . . . that standard of success is absurd. . . . The people are not always right — they certainly weren’t right in electing Obama in 2008.”

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