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Krauthammer’s Take: ‘Destabilized’ Turkey ‘Feels Surrounded and Isolated’

Charles Krauthammer observes that Turkey, in the wake of a terror attack in Istanbul, is destabilized:

Well, I think it’s most likely ISIS. It could be the Kurds, who’ve carried out a lot of terror attacks, but not quite on targets this soft generally speaking. It looks like an ISIS operation.

But it tells you a lot about Turkey. It’s surrounded by conflicts. It’s got enemies everywhere. And its stability itself is in question.

It just concluded a deal to renew relations with Israel, and made a deal apologizing to Russia for the shooting of a Russian airplane, which shows that it feels surrounded and isolated. Add in being destabilized, so it’s in pretty bad shape. 

Even though it hasn’t helped us a lot in the region, it’s our only strong ally [there] other than Israel.

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