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Krauthammer’s Take: Rubio ‘Made the Right Decision’ To Run for Reelection

Charles Krauthammer argues that Marco Rubio’s decision to seek a second term in the Senate is the correct one: 

Remember, we have a long history of candidates who lose one, sometimes even twice — Bob Dole lost twice, and he won the nomination on the third time We’ve seen Mitt Romney — he lost, and he won the nomination. Hillary lost in ’08.

[Rubio]’s only in his early 40s, so this is a guy with a future, and I think he made the right decision in terms of his future.

As for being a check and balance, I think he sincerely believes that a Muslim ban is a bad thing. I think he sincerely believes that deportation of illegal immigrants is a bad thing. And if he has a president who advocates that — which would be Trump — I think he would stand up against that.

So I’ll give him credit for both honesty about ambition, but also about principle here. I think it’s a combination of both. 

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