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Krauthammer’s Take: ‘We Are Possibly Headed To A Cliff’

Charles Krauthammer “worr[ies] for the country” after news breaks of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s new grand jury. That, he said on Fox News, along with the bills introduced in the Senate to protect Mueller from being fired, could bring President Trump, Congress, and the Supreme Court into conflict. Krauthammer explains:

Tonight’s news is not just a threat to Trump and his entourage but it is [a threat] to constitutional stability. The president has said that he’s got a red line. If they want to go on a fishing expedition that is unrelated, essentially, to the Russia probe, that’s where he draws a line. Now, he didn’t say what he would do but you know what he would have in mind. When you get members of his own party in the Senate trying to pass laws —probably unconstitutional — to restrict his ability to fire Mueller, you know that we are possibly headed to a cliff. Look, the problem with special prosecutors is you assemble a team of the best of the best in search of a crime. Normally, you have a crime and then the prosecutors go out and try to prove it. With a special prosecutor, you start with Whitewater and you end up with a blue dress. That’s a long journey. Here, the Russia thing obviously is a pretext, and it’s going to be a subject of the investigation. But it appears to be going into the territory that Trump has wanted to protect, namely his business. At some point, we could come to a crisis. And I worry for the country because this is not good that the presidency, the judiciary, and Congress would be at loggerheads when you really don’t have anybody that ultimately would adjudicate. It would be the Supreme Court but we know that can cause real reverberations for decades.

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